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What Is Pentagon?

Pentagon is an integrated portfolio of transportation and logistics services that is customizable, flexible, efficient and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s supply chain clients.

The Pentagon platform leverages technology, combined with a portfolio of transportation and logistics services designed to increase capacity, boost efficiency and provide the tools to improve operations, scalability, cost ratios and the overall customer experience.
Pentagon’s integrated complete supply chain solution includes first, middle and final mile delivery, warehousing, fulfillment, sort-&-seg operations, truckload, LTL, scheduled/routed, on-demand, and same day or next day service and provides the visibility and predictability for all your international and domestic needs.

Pentagon’s complete suite of services combined with the team’s extensive supply chain knowledge can assist you in building a customized solution that strategically addresses your short- and long-term needs, exceed your customers’ expectations all while enhancing your core competencies and competitive advantage.

Why Pentagon?

A weekly meeting between two of us turned into a discussion on capacity issues with final mile delivery. The conversation continued to evolve, and we invited two more to the discussion. Finally, we added the final piece to the puzzle, the 5th founder. As we began deliberating this business model, we developed our Values and our Value Proposition. Interestingly, we established 5 Values and 5 Value Propositions. We found this interesting as we thought about ‘the number 5’ so did a little research into its meaning.

The number 5 stands for:
• Balance and harmony
   – Human beings (4 limbs and 1 head)
   – Celebrations (High 5)
   – Health and light
   – Love and marriage
• The number 5 is the symbol of wisdom and power to make good choices.
• The Greek suffix Penta stood for 5 and 5-sided objects are Pentagons.

This resulted into Pentagon Final Mile being established.

Why Now?

Every year since 2010 e-Commerce, has grown and final mile delivery for the peak holiday season has gotten more and more expensive and difficult. Amazon has kept their customer service pedal-to-the-metal offering faster service and free shipping. The tremendous success of Amazon Prime has forced others into distributed logistics and into offering “free” shipping. You stack on top of that when COVID-19 hit in March 2020 and even further disruption. The stay-at-home lockdowns created a surge of digital shopping and the final mile capacity proved woefully inadequate. The phrase: “2020 was one heck of a decade” was being used to define the 10 years of growth of digital commerce that took place within a 10-month period. This growth was not a shift that will spring back to the old normal, but rather continue the trend of continuous evolution adding additional pressure to an already overburdened final mile capacity. The facts are clear UPS, FedEx and the USPS will not be able to build enough capacity to meet the continuous growth of final mile demand. The shortfall will fall to the evolving capacity provided by regional final mile carriers. Unfortunately, all but a few of the largest shippers, do not have the ability to piece together the required network of regional final mile carriers and the technology to manage this network. Therein is the Vision of Pentagon Final Mile: to provide shippers in the United States the capability to handle their final mile requirements, while providing great service at competitive prices via an integrated network of regional final mile carriers.

Here’s How

The Pentagon Final Mile team has decades of combined experience in solving complex supply chain barriers. Our team addresses capacity, scalability, technology, warehouse, labor and transportation issues on a centralized platform. We do all this while customizing each final mile solution to our specific client’s needs. Recently Pentagon Final Mile built a custom solution that allowed the client to expand their service capabilities, improve service times, enhance end user shipment visibility, while providing real-time data to manage their cost and customer commitment more efficiently.

No matter if your needs are additional capacity or a full integrated solution, Pentagon File Mile can assist you in gaining a competitive advantage.

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